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Twitter is rolling out its new search interface to all logged in users on the web. The new layout has a clean look and feel along with more filtering options which allows you to sort tweets the way that you want to see them.

Tests began in April to a small amount of users however the interface is now being made available to everyone. The intention is to make it easier to use search in terms of switching between tweets, photos and videos in the search results.

Twitter is a simple service to use, however that has ended up being one of its biggest problems over the past few years. People don’t know where to begin, they don’t know how to follow people, how to attract their own followers and many people make the mistake of tweeting what is meant to be a DM by mistake. Even the Twitter execs have slipped up on that one from time to time.

Twitter has started looking at ways to make it easier to explain the service to people. The improved search is another addition to a large amount of updates we have seen Twitter make since the start of the year.

Now when you search for a keyword or phrase on, the search results return a notable tweet near the top of the page – something related to your search that has either been favorited or retweeted a number of times, for example.

For those of you yet to see it, here is a screenshot of what the new search looks like on Twitter.

You can switch between top tweets, live tweets, accounts, photos and videos along with options for greater filtering when you are searching for the content that you want to find.

A Twitter spokesperson confirmed the broader rollout, saying: “We’re rolling out a new search experience to users on web. Like other features, we will continue to iterate and improve on this, to make it even easier for users to find what they are looking for when they search on Twitter.”

To catch up on the previous Twitter updates this year so far check out the link to the article below.

Twitter Updates


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