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Yep, thats right, its another Twitter update. Twitter has begun testing an algorithm that can spot abusive tweets that you might not want to see. Now they are using similar technologies to find content that you may want to see instead.

Last night Twitter announced a new feature called Highlights which will serve up a twice a day digest of curated tweets which have been picked out for users. Highlights will send a push notification that opens up a new view in Twitter’s app that will have about a dozen tweets that have been ordered by importance. Users can swipe left or right to browse through the tweets before going to the regular Twitter feed.

Highlights will be opt in, so if it doesn’t sound like something you would be interested in then don’t worry, Twitter is not going to force it on to users. The curated tweets are selected from popular accounts and conversations from people you follow along with trending events and topics. Here is Twitters short clip which they posted last night introducing Highlights.

The challenge that Twitter has is creating a system where you visit a few times a day or just occasionally and still not feel like you are missing anything big while you are away. As we all know Twitter is very fast paced and it can be easy to get lost in the conversation or return to the app and not understand what the latest trend is that people are tweeting about on your timeline.

Highlights is Twitters attempt to keep you in the loop about what is hot on the social network before you jump into the conversation for the day. The challenge that Twitter users have is trying not to miss the important stuff because if you are missing the important stuff on Twitter then whats the point using the service in the first place?

Lets face it, how many people open their Twitter app in the morning and scroll right to the top? I know I do a lot of the time and so do most others, sure I have a quick glance as I’m heading to the top of my timeline but its nothing more than a glance. Perhaps Highlights is a good way of keeping people up to date and in the know about whats going on.

At the moment the Highlights feature is only available on Android however Twitter says that they will be expanding to other platforms soon.

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