The Twitter app, like many of the social networking and instant messaging apps is developed in house by RIM and they’ve produced a very good app. Like the desktop version of Twitter you can tweet, Direct message (DM), view tweets directed to you, upload pics and links, create lists, view twitter trends by location and search for #tags. But the best aspect of the app is it’s integration into the BlackBerry OS. I dont have to have twitter open to be able to send pics out from my blackberry to my twitter account and for the “on the go” time focused consumer this really saves a lot of time from fidgeting with apps to do something that should be simple (this is what really differentiates BlackBerry devices from other OS’s on other devices out there). The next version of the BlackBerry Twitter app will allow for profiles meaning you can be logged in with different accounts at the same time. Something that is sorely missing at the moment.

Get it here: Twitter






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