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140 characters is a staple of the Twitter website, sometimes it is more than enough and other times we have to work to modify tweets so what we can cram everything into that 140 character space. However, when it comes to direct messages we could really do with the freedom of writing more. Well soon we will have that freedom.

Twitter is planning to remove the 140 character limit from direct messages next month. The company revealed the changes in a post on its developer forum last Tuesday. Twitter has confirmed that the character limit will change some time in July however a specific date or time has not yet been revealed.

The 140 character limit on tweets will remain in place.

Twitter has been on a mission to improve its direct messaging game over the past year. In January we saw the introduction of group messages. Twitter has since gone on to to allow users to opt-in to receive private messages from anyone on the website. Previously you had to be following someone in order to receive a message from them.

Now users can opt in to receive messages from anyone through the “security and privacy” menu in the app’s main settings.

Twitter has said there are big plans in place for messaging on the platform and it remains to be seen what else may be in store. Personally my biggest wish is for nested replies in the group messages, basic functionality which is pretty necessary especially in a large group.


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