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Twitter is trying to kill off the mobile password with a new system that lets you sign into apps on your phone by using your phone number.

The social network is rolling out a series of tools to developers which is known as Fabric and can be used to add additional new features to third party developer’s applications. One of these new features is called Digits and will allow users to sign into apps without having to remember passwords.

It is a standalone service which is owned by Twitter but not connected to the main social network itself. The sign in process works by entering your mobile phone number into the login page of the app.

A text is then sent with a confirmation code and once the code is entered you will have access into the app. The confirmation code expires after it is used so the next time access is required to the app then a new code is sent to the user.

Michael Ducker is the senior project manager at Twitter, he said that people were tired of having to remember multiple passwords online for several accounts and that people in developing countries sometimes do not have access to email. He said that;

“”Passwords just suck. I go to dinner parties and people say ‘Oh, you work in tech? Can you get rid of the password?’ and we’re finally getting rid of the password, for the vast majority of use cases.”

Twitter also has plans for new features for its lucrative advertising platform called MoPub and Crashlytics which offers free services to developers for beta testing and crash reporting.

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