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A French bank is gearing up to launch a service which will allow users to pay money to each other via Twitter. Unveiled last month by, S-Money, the service will allow users to send money simply by tweeting it.

Details are somewhat scarce at the moment but Reuters are reporting that a press conference is to be held and the service will be available to users by the end of this week.

Twitter recently unveiled a buy button for a small group of brands, artists and nonprofits recently. The feature is targeted to getting businesses on the platform however it is of course for the every day users too and aims to solve the age old problem of sending money to someone you know quickly.

The payment solution will be available to all Twitter users in France, regardless of the bank they’re with. S-Money already offers an iOS and Android app that uses SMS and phone numbers to trigger money transfers in France.

Would you be willing to trust a service that enabled you to share money through the power of a simple tweet? It sounds like an interesting idea but personally I am somewhat unsure if it will gain real traction.

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