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On Tuesday Apple took the wrapper off it’s brand new piece of hardware, the Apple Watch. Of course in order to release the Apple Watch next year with some third party apps good to go on it, Apple has to give developers early access to the platform so they can discover, build and refine their app experiences in time for launch.

Twitter was one of those companies who was granted early access to the Apple WatchKit and was prominently featured in the keynote in San Franciso on Tuesday morning. Moments after the Apple Watch had been unveiled, Adam Bain, Twitter’s President of Global Revenue, was on stage at CTIA to give his thoughts on the integration of Twitter with the much talked about Apple Watch.

Bain says that he finds the wearables field very interesting and he thinks that the mobile nature of Twitter fits nicely with a watch, and he may have a point.

We glance at our wrists countless times per day and many of us do the same with Twitter, glance at our timelines and feeds. Bringing the two together would make a lot of sense, having Twitter on a wearable device would make the service more accessible than ever before.

So what about promoted content and ads on Twitter? Are we going to see them coming to such a small screen? Bain was hesitant to answer, he didn’t rule out the possibility but simply stated that, “Every new device sets news rules.”

Bain was also asked about Apple Pay and if it affects Twitter’s recent efforts in the mobile commerce fields. He said that, “Anything that reduces friction of payment on mobile devices is a good thing,” he even hinted that Apple Pay integration was possible in the future.

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