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Over in Ireland and England a lot of us have little time for American football, right? Well you may be surprised to hear that American football is experiencing a surge in popularity in Ireland and England at the moment. So much of a surge in popularity that the NFL is now holding more yearly games in Wembley and it is not as unusual as it may have been a few years ago to see NFL shirts and jerseys being worn out and about.

I am a big NFL fan, I have fallen in love with the sport over the past number of years and earlier this year I had the joy of seeing the team I support (New England Patriots) win a Superbowl. American football continues to grow and yesterday Twitter announced a deal with the NFL, let me tell you now, that is a huge deal to strike.

The NFL has signed a two year deal to bring more pro football highlights to Twitter and Twitter wants the NFL to be a big part of their future strategy and focus, live events.

The NFL has got deals in place with Facebook and YouTube and we can assume that those deals will remain and that the NFL will continue to provide content for them however it looks as if Twitter could get the full on NFL treatment with everything from highlights to behind the scenes clips.

The deal will more than likely play a large part in Twitter’s “Project Lightning” which is a tool that will cover live popular events in real time, such as NFL games.

This deal is significant whether you are an NFL fan or not, it shows Twitter’s intent to strike deals and play with the big boys. Whenever they can figure out who they want to run the company, it will be deals such as this that help them survive.

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