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Twitter has rolled out an update which is designed to take advantage of one of iOS 8’s key features, interactive notifications. The new and improved app also brings a new profile design to match the style of the new web based profile design which was launched earlier in the year.

Interactive notifications will allow you to reply, retweet, favourite, follow and more. You can use them by swiping down on the banner when it appears at the top of your iPhone when you are using it.

It is great to see an app like Twitter taking advantage of iOS 8’s features however my only gripe is that they are essentially a shortcut to the app itself, you can’t quick reply from the notification and then go back to where you were before.

via MacStories editor Federico Viticci.


As for the new profile layout, it mimics the web layout that is now in place on the desktop version of Twitter. It is now much more clean and a lot easier to navigate around. There is now a focus on your tweets, photos, favourites and bio and you can see more of the important information on a persons profile at a glance instead of having to scroll through various parts of the profile itself. At the moment there is now word on when these feature may arrive on iPad as they are currently only out on the iPhone.



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