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Twitter has rolled out the web version of Digits, the company’s new tool which aims to kill off the password completely. Digits is one element of Twitter Fabric, the new suite of tools for developers which was rolled out late last year during its Flight Developer Conference.

Digits is intended to replace passwords with mobile phone numbers, the goal of making it easier to sign up for new apps. Twitter wants to make it easier for developers to try and keep people using their service when they sign up.

Lets face it, passwords are cumbersome, and if you are using passwords correctly – that is you have a different password for every single website and service you use (which you should d0) – then it is even more cumbersome. Digits is aimed at making the experience a whole lot easier and a whole lot less painful.

Twitter said on its blog;

“Passwords or other extra steps in the login process may reduce your website’s conversion rate, Digits login for web gives your users a powerful, single-log-in experience that also increases the conversion rate for your logins. The result: users only have to log in on the web once to engage with all of your services as well as other apps in the ecosystem.”

Digits was already available to Android and iOS developers however, now that it is available for the Web it means that developers can start linking their apps and websites through the Digits SDK.

Users who have logged into a mobile app with their phone number will see a similar prompt when they log into the accompanying website for the same service. The first time you login you will need to confirm your phone number once via SMS.

Once you complete this step you will never have to do it again.

It is up to individual developers if they want to use and adopt this tool however Twitter wants to make the process of implementation as easy as possible so that more developers will get on board. It only takes a few lines of code for developers to get it up and running on their service.

Is Digits going to be the future of the password?

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