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Twitter appears to be possibly rolling out a subtle change to how you get out of viewing images on the app when you are done.

Typically you tap on the image in order to dismiss it, a single tap and the image would quickly fade back into the Twitter timeline however for many users yesterday that action seemed to change from a tap to a swipe.

As of this morning, I am personally still on the tapping method of moving away from an image and back to my feed however many people are reporting that they spend a good few seconds or minutes tapping the image thinking that there was something wrong with the app until they finally discovered that they now had to swipe the image away instead.

Tweetbot has had a similar feature like this for a long time and there is no doubt that swiping away an image on a mobile app has a much more natural feel to it.

It is unclear if this is simply a feature in testing, some people have claimed to have seen it appear on their phones over a year ago but yesterday there was a sudden spike in activity with people talking about the navigational change on Twitter. Clearly the feature has been rolled out to many more users, however there is no sign of it on my device yet.

Keep an eye out and see if it appears on yours, of course I am still waiting to get the mobile analytics feature and the ‘while you were away feature’ to appear on my iOS app so it could be some time before I see the swipe to dismiss photos appearing at all.

Keep in mind however, if all of a sudden you find yourself tapping a photo on Twitter and nothing is happening, try swiping instead!

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