Twitter has rolled out out a new version of their 6 second video sharing service, Vine, which is targeted for children between the age of five and twelve years old. Vine has had some success so far online and certain users have managed to create a niche out of the challenge of a 6 second video.

Twitter has realised that Vine is becoming more popular with children which could be down to the fact that they don’t have to keep much attention to what they are seeing with clips finishing in no more than six seconds.

As a result, Twitter has launched a new Vine Kids app for iOS, a standalone app from the main service and catering specifically for children to serve up family friendly content such as animated videos, cartoon clips and more.

To view more Vines, kids only have to swipe right on the screen, the app also makes fun quirky sounds every time the screen is tapped (note this could potentially irritate parents…) and the videos that are displayed are hand picked by the editors of the app themselves.

Children do not have to create an account and they are unable to create their own Vines, they will have to use their parents Vine account in order to create their own content however this content will not appear on the Vine for kids app.

Vine Kids is more about entertaining the kids than it is about getting them to create their own content on the service. However, Twitter is treading towards some delicate grounds when it comes to kids, it has to comply with the Childrens Online Privacy Protection Act in safeguarding online privacy for children.

Vine Kids’ privacy policy stresses that it does not collect any personal information about the children except any information that their parents expressly provide to Vine, such as when they contact customer support or communicate with Vine Kids in any way.

It could work out to be a smart move from Twitter, getting kids on a service like this from a young age could usher in a new wave of adult sign ups for Vine and also could expand Twitter’s reach down the line.

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