By @TheMarkDalton.

Twitter Moments has started to move outside the US and into new territory. Yesterday, Twitter started rolling out the feature in Brazil. Moments is Twitter’s hot new feature, it is the social platform’s magazine-like tool for analysing and aggregating breaking news and live events into a single place. 

Moments takes the chaos of breaking news and live events and puts them into an easy to follow and digestible place where the user can catch up without feeling utterly overwhelmed at the volume of content that comes up on a Twitter feed. The feed evolves and grows as the live event grows with it.

However up to now it has been for US users only and any potential sign of a rollout has been slow, really slow. Links have been viewable anywhere in the world but the Moments tab has been a US user exclusive. Twitter users in Brazil will now also have access to the Moments tab and will get curated Brazil-centric Moments on breaking news and events.

Moments was previously known as Project Lightning and the rollout has been painfully slow. Moments launched in the US at the start of October, a full month ago and just one day after Jack Dorsey became the permanent CEO of Twitter. We know that Twitter in the UK are gearing up for the launch of Moments as well, there has been several confirmed staff appointments in the UK for the Moments team which is being lead by Joanna Geary.

Hopefully the expansion outside of the US will mean that Moments will now being to rollout quicker than it has been so far because it would be a shame to have to wait another month for further expansion of the a product that Twitter believes to be an integral component for business.

Twitter wants to make their platform easier to use and they want the company to grow into something new users will understand better and find useful. It also provides revenue opportunities as Twitter introduced “promoted” Moments late last month.

Currently the early partners for Twitter Moments in Brazil include Buzzfeed, celebrity news site EGO and sports channel Esporte Interativo. There are other Brazil centric partners there as well. Lets hope we hear more news on Twitter Moments over the coming weeks and possibly a Twitter Moments launch closer to home.

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