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Do you ever wish it was as easy to promote a tweet as it is to promote a Facebook post? Or maybe you are an SME and you want to promote a tweet but not have to spend more money than required on Twitter’s advertising plans.

Well it is now possible (well almost possible) as Twitter has announced the launch of a new service, quick promote. The feature is in fact designed with SMEs in mind who want to promote a tweet for a period of time and not spend a lot of money doing it.

The beauty of this new feature,  and the appeal for SMEs is that the budgets can be set to small parameters if that is what you are looking for. Maybe you want to promote a new service or product via a tweet, in order to ensure it gets out there you can of course tweet it more than once (which I would encourage you to do so) however you can also promote it via Twitters promoted tweets service.

For SMEs and smaller companies who simply don’t have the budget to spend on advertising and promotion of their Twitter account, quick promote now allows you to promote that important tweet and not leave a big hole in the accounts.

To quick promote a tweet start by logging into your Twitter analytics dashboard here, . From there, click on the tweet you want to promote and then look at the left sidebar and you will see an option to promote the tweet.

At the moment you can only promote to users who are similar to your followers, there are no targeting options yet. Once you set a budget and your tweet is being promoted, you can log into the analytics dashboard and see how people are engaging with your tweet in real time.

This is certainly a useful addition for Twitter heading forward as they look to expand their user base and compete with Facebook for ad dollars.

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