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Twitter is about timing, no we actually mean that in the literal sense of the wording. You are creating great content, you feel that you are writing some of the best work you have done so far but why are you not getting the CTR (click through rate) and the engagement you think you should be getting?

Maybe your Twitter timings are all wrong? Believe it or not, research has shown that there are specific times of the day/week that are best to boost your social media outreach depending on what demographic you are targeting.

The Normal Working Day:

An easy assumption to make is that people are scaling Twitter periodically throughout the business day, but not everybody has a job which revolves around the platform like ours do.

Twitter’s CTR actually climbs rapidly when people are taking some ‘down time’ during the day, on the rush hour commute or typically travelling in some capacity. People casually scroll through their Twitter feed on the way to and from places like work.

From the graph below we can see that the higher CTR are typically between 6 am – 9 am (the morning commute), lunchtime when people are taking a break from work and around 6 pm and afterwards (the commute home).

It is best to save your juiciest content for these time periods to maximise exposure to as many people as possible. Have you noticed a problem yet for 60 Second Social? None of our tweets go out in this typical time period, you can expect that to change in the very very near future…

That Friday Feeling:

Twitter does, in fact, get that “Friday feeling” when the weekend is only around the corner. Engagement levels tend to reach a peak on Friday as users flock to the social network platform to celebrate the end of another working week and the start of another weekend.

Save the juiciest of the juicy content for Friday would be my suggestion!

Scheduling Your Tweets:

Yes that’s right folks, there is even an optimal time to schedule your tweets.

It is best to try and schedule them just before the hour, but why is that? Well, most meetings tend to start on the hour, therefore tweeting before the hour will give you a chance to catch an audience just before they head into a meeting. You guessed it, many people check their Twitter feed before heading into a meeting.

Of course, depending on your target audience you can also schedule tweets for around 3 pm to 3:30 pm when kids are waiting in the car to collect their kids from school!

Weekends & Evenings:

You have probably caught onto the fact now that social media is 24/7, nobody just tweets from 9-5 on Monday-Friday. In fact, weekends and evenings are a chance to shine and despite that, a lot of businesses, SME’s and larger companies don’t take the chance to expand organic outreach and attract a larger audience.

Schedule some more juicy content for the weekend and let it run, you don’t need to be sitting behind a desk in order to send out a tweet, set them up to go out automatically at the weekend. It will keep people interested, catch their eye and keep them browsing your feed.

Statistics – www.thenextweb.com

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