By @TheMarkDalton.

With so much of what we do and what we experience now unfolding on social media, we now get to share experiences online in a new way. Twitter has released a video showing exactly what we experienced on Twitter in 2015. 

The clip combines still images, tweets and videos to show off the best and the worst moments that typified the activity on the social media platform through the past year.

The clip reminds us of tragic events which was captured by hashtags such as #JeSuisCharlie. A hashtag which represented an outpouring of grief and support for French journalists who were murdered in a terrorist attack on the Charlie Hebdo offices in January.

The clip also shows celebrities who were heavily retweeted such as Ellen DeGeneres and Ellen Page, both of whom weighed in on the Supreme Court ruling on same sex marriage in America.

The video clip also makes reference to sporting moments, Pluto and of course Caitlin Jenner. A short little clip of what we experience on Twitter in 2015 just a few weeks before we enter 2016 and start a new year all over again.

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