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Microsoft users upgrading to Windows 10, or indeed Apple users who decide to install Windows 10 on their Mac will get a nice little surprise when they start using the new OS. A Twitter app which doesn’t suck. 

Twitter has rolled out a new universal Windows app which brings the Twitter experience on Windows up to the same level as apps on other mobile platforms. Up to this point Twitter has shown Windows very little love when it comes to their app, it has always lagged far behind the standard of the app on iOS or Android.

Now Twitter has introduced a live tile along with a raft of new updates that currently exist within Twitters website and other apps. There is support for multiple photos in tweets along with the ability to watch GIFs, Vines and other video content embedded on the timeline.

There is also support for sending photos via direct messages, a feature that was first introduced to iOS in 2013, thats right – a full two years behind other software versions of the app.

The app will run across all windows devices in the same format and with the same feature list which means you will get the full Twitter Windows experience on tablet, desktop, phone and soon Xbox One. To see Twitter take up a universal app so quickly after the release of Windows 10 is a good thing.

Twitter will be hoping that getting their app optimised early for Windows 10 will attract new users and bring back users who may have left the service. Twitter’s growth numbers have yet again been far from impressive at the end of the second quarter and it is an area which needs to be addressed rapidly.

The app will also provide the full Twitter experience for logged out users on Windows which means that you will have the chance to sample it and see how it all works before deciding if you want to sign up or rejoin Twitter.

Twitter says that there will be more updates for Windows “in the coming days and months” to improve the app and its performance. Is there a chance that we will get more consistent Twitter app updates at last?



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