Twitter has finally remembered that they have a Mac app! The company has always worked hard to update mobile apps however over the past number of years the Mac app has been pretty much abandoned. Aside from some updates to bring very small features to the app you would have sworn that Twitter had forgotten that it existed at all.

The good news for Mac users is that Twitter is ready to finally show the Mac app some love again and a much needed overhaul is on the way sometime in the upcoming months.

The current latest version of the official Twitter for Mac app doesn’t even support embedded tweet quoting (this was added to the iPhone app six months ago and Tweetbot 4 months ago), the new update will add a host of feature improvements such as Vine playback, highlights in notification tab, group DMs and more. These are features Twitter has had for some time now on their mobile platforms however the only updates to the Mac app have been trickling out little features here and there.

The app is even going to come in dark mode, and it looks pretty awesome too.

The new app update was teased at the Twitter Flight conference where Jack Dorsey also apologised to developers for the past number of years. The company’s relationship with developers has gotten messy over the last few years but Dorsey seems intent on trying to fix that.

“Somewhere along the line, our relationship with developers got a little bit complicated, a little bit confusing, a little bit unpredictable, we want to come to you today, and first and foremost apologize for the confusion.”

Twitter says that the new Mac app won’t be out for a couple of months at the very least, so for the moment we will continue to carry on using Tweetbot for Mac which packs most of the features the official update will eventually bring.

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