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I am a bit of an analytics geek, I love seeing all kinds of data from visitors to websites broken into demographics and such. Don’t get me wrong I don’t obsess over them for hours but it is interesting so when Twitter opened its analytics data to users some time ago that was pretty neat. 

Well now Twitter is expanding their analytics set which will provide marketers with a deeper understanding about people interacting with them on the social network. The new tool is called Audience Insights and the dashboard can provide data on a large range of demographics, interests, lifestyle, TV viewing behaviour and mobile footprint.

This can be used to target potential customers on Twitter as you will now be able to learn about what products they recently purchased along with favourite trends and the types of TV shows they watch and tweet about.

You will also get an idea on what the best platform is to reach them on, is it better for you to use an image or a Vine loop in your tweet to appeal to more users? You will be able to see what platform your audience uses the most which will allow you to cater to either iOS or Android.

Audience Insights are available to any analytics user. Specific information will initially only be available in the U.S. however Twitter says that the feature will roll out more broadly in the coming months. At the moment the only data I see on mine is the basic demographics, gender, interests and mobile footprint. However there will be more data available over time such as net worth and household income categories.

You can see the data for yourself by going to and clicking on the Followers tab.


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