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Twitter has been hard at work since the start of this year trying to improve their user experience in order to bring old users back to the service and retain them as well as getting new users to sign up. If you missed our Twitter recap post yesterday on some of the big changes so far this year then you can check it out at the following link.

Well this morning there is another new update, thats right, another one! Twitter recently gave the trends section an overhaul for its american user base, now they are extending that new trends feature to more countries and Ireland is one of the lucky few. The new layout shows trends that are on the rise, trends that are falling and trends that have just started.

There is also a little description below each trend. Twitter acknowledges in a blog post that not all trends are self explanatory and some trends need to be explained. Now there will be a description which will explain what it is people are actually talking about, so for example a hashtag such as #NYFW will have a description before you click on it explaining that the hashtag is about New York Fashion Week.

Trends with descriptions is a smart move, especially for businesses, some of whom have been known to jump into hashtags in the past without researching them, make a tweet that ends up being stupid or offensive and then has to suffer the wrath of Twitter users. Now there will be no excuses, it provides a much needed layer of clarity when you are looking at the trends section.

Twitter says they are experimenting with a similar experience for the web however there are no details on when the web experience is going to roll out further. However starting April 22nd the updated trends is being expanded to the UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Trends with descriptions will only be available if you are using tailored trends in English.

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