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Twitter is launching a bold TV experiment which could change the face of ‘second-screen’ viewing. Over the past number of years social media has changed how we watch TV. Conversations that used to be had in the living room while watching Big Brother, I’m a Celebrity or the football match on Sunday have now transitioned over to social media.

On social media there is a bigger scope for a wider audience about what we are thinking when watching a TV show or a movie. A study by Nielsen says that 15% of viewers enjoy TV more when social media is involved and when we watch live TV we use social media to engage, react and discuss.

At the moment, we manage these interactions using hashtags, so if you wanted to keep track of all the conversation happening around another catfish being caught on River Monsters you would search for #RiverMonsters and all the tweets would show up in a separate feed.

Mashable got early access into the new TV features on Twitter in a recent update which has rolled out to a select number of users. A dialogue box appears at the top of your feed inviting you to try out Twitter’s new TV timelines and when you accept you are taken to a different Twitter interface.

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The feed is split into three different sections, Highlights, Media and All. It is a way of organising the conversation so that tweets are not getting buried at the bottom of the pile in an instant. The new layout allows users to dive into the Twitter conversation and ignore anything else that could distract you on your regular Twitter feed.

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Twitter has not publicly commented on the new TV features and of course at the moment these features are only available to a select small user base. However Twitter clearly sees TV and second screen viewing as a move of strategic importance to help people easily use the social network when watching their favourite TV shows.

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