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Twitter has its problems, however one area where it excels is in breaking news. Google knows that and back in February there were reports of a deal between Twitter and Google to bring tweets embedded into Google Search. From the middle of May, tweets started to appear in mobile search results however now they have made their way to the desktop.

Now you can catch up on the latest tweets from user accounts when you run a Google search and they are embedded near the top of the search results. This allows Google to be able to have a platform where breaking news and content can be displayed on their search engine via Twitter.

When something happens in the world, Twitter is the place to go to report it, Google knows this and that is why they were so keen on coming to an agreement with the social network on displaying tweets from users.

The idea that Google may buy out Twitter one day is a long running rumour in the industry however any kind of deal is nowhere near imminent if it ever was to even happen. When you search for a Twitter account, hashtag or a trending topic in Google you will now see a rotating carousel of tweets near to the top of the page.

You can scroll through tweets on the carousel and then click on an individual tweet to be taken to that page in Google. It is good news for Google and Twitter, it allows Google to deliver live breaking content to search and for Twitter, it allows them to get more eyes on the service than ever before.

For users it is both good and bad, now there is a platform to potentially get noticed by billions of people running searches on Google, however with literally billions able to now see what you may be tweeting if it appears in Google search, you may want to think before hitting that tweet button.

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