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Tweetbot is the most popular third party Twitter client on iOS and on the Mac. For users who are not satisfied with Twitters main app, Tweetbot has usually been the next port of call. The iOS app received a major overhaul when iOS 7 arrived but it has been some time since the Mac app has received any love however yesterday Tweetbot 2.0 landed on the Mac App Store, and it looks fantastic.

Personally I use the flagship app from Twitter on my iPhone, I much prefer the full rounded mobile experience through the app from Twitter themselves. While Tweetbot is aesthetically the best looking Twitter app on the phone it just comes down to personal preference for me.

However, Twitter has failed to show any real love to their desktop app, in fact it pretty much feels neglected. It has the old clunky design which looks nasty on Yosemite and their own app lacks some basic functionality such as the recent quote tweet layout which arrived on mobile earlier this year (it must be pointed out that Tweetbot does not have this either however the point is that we would expect to see these features arriving on the Twitter app long before now).

Tweetbot has arrived with a brand new look, a clean and flat modern interface has replaced the old design which brings the design in line with the Tweetbot app and looks stunning on Yosemite.

The app has the same features as before, you can view mentions, messages, tweets you have favourited, do a basic search, look at your profile, view your lists, view your mute list. The app has also adopted a new colour palette which includes a dark sidebar and lighter main columns. Account profile pictures now appear as circles which is keeping in line with the iOS app.

There is also a new column manager in the bottom left which allows users to pop out and manage multiple different views in a similar style as that of Tweetdeck but not quite as flexible as Tweetdeck itself in terms of the different columns you can view.

The app is a free update for users who already own Tweetbot however if you are a first time buyer it will cost you €12.99 and it is worth every single penny.


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