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Earlier in the year, Instagram was leading the pack as the fastest growing social media platform. However, now Tumblr and Pinterest have taken over and edged out the photo sharing application. Tumblr’s active users grew by 120% in the last six months according to new stats released by the Global Web Index, while Facebook’s active users grew by just 2%

Pinterest’s active users increased by 111% in the same period. When GWI released numbers earlier in the year, Instagram was leading the way but has now dropped to third place. Of the top eight services, Facebook is in last place and trailing behind LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and even Google+.

It is worth nothing however that these figures refer to growth when looking at the rankings so while Tumblr might be top of the pile for the fastest growing service, it is only eighth when looking at the active user numbers.

Facebook is still the most popular when it comes to active users but it seems that the social network giant could be reaching its peak for new users joining up. There has also been a shift in the demographics over the years. Tumblr’s audience is now young while Facebook’s audience is older.

For mobile apps, Snapchat saw the most growth, 56% in six months and Facebook Messenger was second which is hardly a surprise as Facebook forced us all to download it. Instagram was in third place for highest app usage.

The GWI also states that users are starting to grown bored with Facebook, 50% of users in the US and UK are now using the website less. For now, Facebook’s status at the top of the pile is safe however the market of social media platforms is completely saturated. Who knows how long they will be there for?

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