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What’s your role with VentureonICO?

I am currently on the ICO Advisory Board, and was initially brought on to help drive potential investors/customers to the Pre-ICO for Ventureon. The company’s open and transparent business and communication style was a winning factor to work alongside of their team. The way their ICO is structured is also solid factor, attributed to their strong team and group of advisors.

Lessons learned from a pre-ICO sale. Insights from the Ventureon campaign


What is your background briefly?

I spent over 25 years in the health care and pharmaceutical industry in charge of sales and marketing for various corporations. Due to the ever-changing playing field in these industries, I had to consistently adjust to ensure top quality leads and results for the companies I worked for. Ever evolving, I was able to build up my reputation online as an “influencer” in various markets, and ended up starting my own digital marketing company 5 years ago to leverage the assets my team and I have created to drive the right traffic to the right offerings.

Does it seem like a logical background to what you do now?

Yes, as someone who is always looking at trends, I saw the rise of FinTech and the power of what ICOs could accomplish when successful and marketed the right way. However, I also saw a lot of things that were done wrong, and we proceeded to develop marketing strategies that ICOs could use in their marketing. Krohn Media is now working with quite a few ICOs and Pre-ICOs. Sitting on 10+ ICO Advisory Boards, I am always learning and finding new solutions for our clients.

1 min pitch for what you are doing now?

TRUST is what will make or break your ICO. Period. Engaging cryptocurrency and ICO marketing is all about whether or not your investors/customers trust that your token is legitimate and investable. Krohn Media helps our Clients achieve that level of trust in a record amount of time via thought leadership, key ICO digital marketing strategies and major publications inclusions. Stand out with Krohn Meda.

How can people find out more about your project?

You can find more about what we do, and how we can help in your ICO, by visiting here and contact us. Also, I always encourage people to check out my LinkedIn profile at

Why did you get involved with this ICO?

First off, Ventureon caught my eye due to the way their ICO was structured. After reviewing their solid offering and talking with their team in depth, it made us want to work with them. VentureonICO had reached out to me via LinkedIn initially, due to our ability to drive good “trust building” traffic to our clients digital offerings. After working out what we, as a marketing agency, required to ensure better results, we developed a plan and proceeded to drive traffic and results to their ICO. Their model is what sold me on it. I like to work with Companies I trust. It makes it easier to sell for.

How do you decide which ones to work with?

Personally, I always take a step back after reviewing the prospective Company’s ICO and the concept of what they coin/token will be based on, and if we can find the “angle” to promote it. For example, if I saw the prospect’s particular ICO out in the “digital wilderness”, would I want to take a second look at their offering? If I trust that we can drive people from our digital strategies based on their overall “theme” of the offering, then we move forward. The ICO company needs to be open to suggestions, comments, and strategies that, as an outsider, we can see would improve their marketing, as well as their overall ICO results.

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