Vodafone have announced that Trim is now the 500th town in Ireland to be covered by their 4G services. They have now also reached 90% 4G population coverage.

Commenting on the announcement, Vodafone Technology Director Madalina Suceveanu said, “We take our commitment to providing the best network in the country to our customers really seriously. We are investing significantly in Ireland and today is evidence of this as we have accelerated our 4G roll-out across the country. Urban and Rural, 4G is now available in six cities and 500 towns and villages. In a three year period 4G will achieve the same level of coverage that it took 3G twelve years to achieve, giving customers the widest coverage of any network and connecting them like never before.“

The company’s expansion of its 4G service along with the improvements to its existing 3G network are due to conclude on schedule this autumn.

For further information on network upgrade and location coverage maps please see www.vodafone.ie/network/4g.

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