Software developers, data scientists, business developers and marketers are coming together to solve problems facing the travel industry at Ireland’s first travel industry-focused hackathon and conference ‘Travel Meets Big Data’. The event takes place from 18th – 20th November 2016 in the TCD/UCD Innovation Academy, 3 Foster Place, Dublin 2.

Participants will analyse large sets of data or ‘Big Data’ to reveal trends and patterns relating to human behaviour and interactions with the aim building commercially viable products and services using existing data based on real online user interactions on travel sites.

Travel Meets Big Data is a BUILD Challenge event, a European series of technology events promoting innovation, new solutions and progress in tech-driven industries through a unique, industry-focused hackathon combined with a conference.

Speaking ahead of the event, Silviu Preoteasa, CEO of BUILD Challenge said: “The travel industry is facing increasing challenges in an age where customers are taking ownership of their travel plans. The industry needs to begin to use big data to their advantage. They need to look at statistics to see how they can tailor and structure their offering to specific customer requirements including knowing your food allergies of frequent flyers, seat preferences or even how you take your tea/coffee. We are excited that the first BUILD challenge is happening in Dublin, a city renowned for combining creative thinking with technology.”

Travel Meets Big Data will feature challenges by the DAA (formerly Dublin Airport Authority) and Hostelworld while participants will enjoy a line-up of expert speakers and practical workshops.

The full schedule of events is available here and tickets can be purchased in advance online.

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