Business owners are finally realising the power of Twitter. Thank goodness!
So many think that having a Facebook account means they are on social media, but there are more and more new people using Twitter everyday.

The demographic on Twitter is urban, professional, aged 35 -­ 55 years old. The highest growing demographic is the over 55’s. So if your customers are in this demographic, you need to get on there today.

Here are some important reasons to be on Twitter (via @Actonsoftware)

  • 60% of Twitter users say they’ve made a purchase based on something they’ve seen on Twitter
  • 81% of people are more likely to share information they have seen on Twitter. (It’s just too easy to click retweet)!
  • 85% of Twitter users say they feel more connected to small and medium sized businesses after following them on Twitter.
  • It’s FREE to use,­ all it takes is your time.
  • As a Business Twitter account you can show your business to be the thought leader or ‘expert’ in your industry.
  • You have customers at your fingertips
  • You can keep an eye on your competitors!
  • You can reach a global audience instantly

(Stats via Small Business Customer Insights Study” U.S. 2014)

Twitter Tag Cloud

So where do you start?

Create your twitter account today. It’s easy.

Choose a username that is similar to your brand. If you are in Ireland and your name is already gone, you can add IE to the end of your username. Or if you want to be a bit quirky and are a sole trader be inventive and create a username that will show people exactly what you do.

For example, there is a company called ‘Workplace Safety’ and Tom, who owns the company, has a great personality so he chose the name @TomSafetyMan

I could have called myself ‘Rosslare Harbour Social Media’ but I went for @Tweetinggoddess instead!

Make your bio interesting. Tell us what you do, personalize it, put a photo of your logo on your header page and then put a photo of YOU on your avatar (smiley faces attract more people)

OR if you are a slightly bigger company put your logo on the avatar and put up a picture of the team on the header. Remember people buy from people so stand out and get a really cool photo up there.

Make sure you include how to contact you…if people want to buy your product or service make it easy for them to get in touch!

Next thing you need to do is start following people who you are interested in and people who will be interested in what you do or who are likely to support you.

Go to the search box on Twitter. Put the hashtag for whatever you do, into the search box to find others in similar industry or people who are searching for what you do. For example, if you’re in the hotel business, search for the #Ireland or #Travel hashtags etc.

If your target market are SMEs you are in for a treat! Most small business owners are on Twitter and there are plenty of them using the #irishbizparty hashtag on a wednesday night 9­ – 11pm. Jump in and give it a try! All you do is compose a tweet and include #irishbizparty in your tweet.

OK so I’ve started tweeting, am building relationships….now what?

If you get a lead or start building a good relationship with someone then take it offline. Ask them for their email, find out what networking event they are going to, meet them for a cuppa.
Online is fantastic but you just can’t beat cementing and nurturing the relationship by meeting face to face too. When you meet up with others, take a selfie together. Tweet with photos are more likely to be retweeted than tweets with no image so keep that in mind.

So what are you waiting for? Get tweeting right now! See you there!

Samantha is passionate about assisting others to get on and use Twitter and regularly runs Twitter workshops around the country to help people achieve this. The next workshop will be held in Galway and booking details can be found here

To find out more about the TweetingGoddess and the various services she offers, visit and you can also catch up with Sam in person at the Womens Inspire Network event on June 10 in Wexford.

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