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Delighted to bring you the insights and images from Christian McLeod Freelance Ocean Adventure and Lifestyle Photographer – Director – Blogger

You’re from the Rockies, how long have you been in Ireland?

I’ve been in Ireland since the young age of 8.

What do you like about Irish landscapes for shooting pictures ?

I actually find Irish landscapes quite hard to photograph compared to landscapes in Norway, or Indonesia, or even our neighbour Scotland. I think it’s because of all its shrubbery, and the golden light across green fields is just such so uncomplimentary. However saying that, there are amazing moment in winter, autumn and spring that blow me away, in which case its just a matter of lifting my camera to my eye.


What’s your background? How did you move into what you do now?

I actually studied engineering, and in second year picked up a camera. By the end of my studies I knew I wanted to risk it all for a life on the road, taking images. 🙂
Slowly was how I moved. Taking images of what I pleased. Sending them to magazines, then working for companies, then tourism boards, and now shooting international campaigns.

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What are your favourite shots, why?

Damn, hard choice. usually they aren’t the best shots, just the story behind them means a lot more to me than the image itself. And you’ll notice I share these little stories alongside the images on my blog, and in particular my instagram.
Two images below are two that bring back very good memories of travel, and changes in my life.
One is from the first sailing expedition I went on, and the other is an image that landed my first magazine cover.

What other gear do you use that helps you on location?

Well I shoot with Sony gear, A7ii, a6000, host of lenses, Fstop Gear backpacks, use a GnarBox, Rode Mic for filming, Waterhousing, ONeill Wetsuits, LED Lenser headlamps and torches, Leatherman knives, Heimplanet tents, AKU footwear…
Jeez hard to think of it all. So much gear contributes to me working longer in the outdoors.


What camera are you using for the surf shots? The images are great.

I usually use an a6000 in the water, but recently I’ve been using the A7ii also. The A7sii is also on my eyes.

Emerging tech, are you using gopro / SONY live action cam or something else? How do you find it, pros and cons?

I use a GoPro 3+, but open to trying new equipment anytime. The GoPro has been amazing for moving around and getting Drone footage, and funny angles of travelling. I love it, very hard to replace.

What tech do you wish was already available for you to use?

100% waterproof, full frame, interchangeable lens mirrorless camera… Sony? Anyone?

Have you used drones yet to take pictures, is this an area you might do more of?

Yes I have. Yes I will. 🙂

DSLR vs smart phones, pros and cons from your point of view?

DSLR = bulky, Smart Phone  = slim, light, fast
DSLR = large images, larger zoom with no quality reduction,  Smart Phone = usually only 35mm, smaller sensor usually,

I use both for different scenarios, both are useful.
However saying that, I use mirrorless now instead of DSLR….


We take more pictures, we share more, do you feel sometimes we are over documenting and not being in the moment? What’s your take on this?

Yes I think this a lot.
I only shoot specific things I enjoy shooting now. I don’t carry my camera 100% of the time, I need to soak in things sometimes. If I really think I should have a camera on me, I have my iPhone, or a film camera.
Can’t let the present go by so quickly while being caught up in documenting it all the time.


Anything else we should have asked you / you’d like to add?

mmmm my favourite thing to do other than photography?
Probably free diving or being on a sailboat… I’d kill to shoot more projects involving both of those things.

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