Few months ago, second largest exchange, Huobi Pro launched the world’s first Autonomous Digital Assets Exchange (HADAX). Crypto assets listed on HADAX had to first pass through a public voting process which determines whether or not they get listed on the exchange. HADAX was built specifically for professional traders to trade crypto assets. Any one registered on HADAX can participate in the voting process, although an elite group called HADAX Super Voting Nodes first select projects worth voting for from a pool. Follow this link if you would like to create an account on Huobi.

Making up the HADAX super voting nodes are professional investment organizations with an excellent reputation. They are saddled with the sole task of making professional reviews of projects that apply for HADAX voting. This helps users of the exchange reduce their investment risks and only spend their time and resources voting for quality projects. The super voting nodes are essential partners in the HADAX voting process because they act as a jury, establishing a long-term mechanism through which projects are nominated for public voting after passing an initial examination by the nodes. The first set of super voting nodes were invited by HADAX, however, there are plans for future additions to join through a nomination system.

Those eligible to apply to become an HADAX super node are venture capitalists which must have a minimum of 1 million Huobi Token (HTs) in their Huobi Pro account. Considering the solid privileges and benefits accorded to super nodes, it’s no wonder that the desire to join is huge. Out of the numerous reasons, find below top five reasons why venture capitalists join HADAX Super Voting Nodes.

  1. Where a project which has applied for listing receives 100% of votes from all super nodes, Huobi Pro will directly enter the project in their exchange listing audit. From time to time, HADAX holds a “Super Node Voting Special Session” during a project can directly go to the HADAX exchange from the initial examination. Thus, Super Nodes enjoy certain voting privileges.
  2. To get listed on HADAX, projects have to apply, before they are then examined by Super Nodes. For projects nominated by Super Nodes, they have the priority of being examined first. After examination, super nodes immediately give their reviews.
  3. The major task with which HADAX Super Voting Nodes are tasked with is examining projects that have applied  to be listed on the exchange. This means super nodes who are venture capitalists would have first hand access to a pool of high-quality project resources. Votes from super nodes do not cost any HTs.
  4. Treated as VIPs, super nodes are the first to be considered as event partners. For example, the recently concluded Blockchain Festival Vietnam had collaborations with supernodes and there was also side events like Supernodes party. As a form of exposure for supernodes, they were given special boots at the festival. At the project roadshow, super nodes were selected to act as judges and also review participating projects.
  5. Members of the HADAX Super Voting Nodes have the right to participate in special workshops organized by Huobi Capital & Research Institute. Some of these workshops invite eminent speakers to exclusively share and analyze the frontier blockchain investment field. That’s not all, super nodes have the opportunity to participate in the weekly live broadcast Huobi Talk.

Consensus Capital, a cryptocurrency fund which invests in only the best of projects, is one of the HADAX Super Voting Nodes. They expertly look out for solid projects with plans to make a difference and achieve greatness in the digital decentralized world. Consensus Capital manages a dynamic portfolio made up of projects focused on building blockchain infrastructure, DApp development and next generation smart contracts. It’s sole aim is becoming one of the top performing cryptocurrency fund bringing unlimited value to its limited partners. Projects Consensus Capital has approved include TOS, HST, SVD, SSD, BTO and XMX.

Nirvana Capital, a Blockchain based crypto asset management firm, founded by some early supporters of Ethereum, is one of the HADAX Super Voting Nodes. Their portfolio include super successful projects like OmiseGo, PolkaDot, Raiden Network, Golem, Qtum and several others.

Some other HADAX Super Voting Nodes include: AlphaCoinFund, a Singapore based venture capitalist established in 2017. Bixin Investment and Bits Angel, cryptocurrency funds from China. Bitmain, makers of Ant Miner; BlockVC, a blockchain investment and advisory firm. Blockchain Ventures, 8 Decimal Capital, Crypto Trade Capital, Genesis, Dfund and DHVC. We also have the DraperDragon Innovation Fund, a core member of the Draper Venture Network, the great voyage capital, Mobius Fund, Empower Capital and FBG Capital. There are tens of other venture capitalists on the HADAX Super Voting Nodes list, but this will suffice.

To learn more about the Super Voting Nodes, you can visit HADAX.

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