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The cryptocurrency community has eagerly awaited the release of the MVP from TOKPIE, the unique peer-to-peer exchange/swap platform that allows users to trade any cryptocurrency with any other crypto or fiat currency.

The purpose of this article is to introduce the TOKPIE community to the features of the MVP (our Alpha release) and how to use this first version of the platform. We want as many users as possible to help test the platform and make recommendations for future enhancements.

Each of the links below detail specific functionality within the platform. We are updating new links daily, so make sure you check back frequently for new updates on features and functionality.

Everyone is more than welcome to leave feedback or give any suggestions about TOKPIE’s MVP in our Telegram chat or ANN thread on the Bitcointalk forum.

MVP Functionality

Before we list the features, it is important for Users to understand basic TOKPIE terminology:

Instrument: An Instrument is a unique combination of the following variables:

  • Country
  • Base Cryptocurrency
  • Quote Currency (Fiat or Crypto)
  • Payment Method

For example:

{Ireland?—?BTC/EUR?—?Domestic Wire Transfer}



Action: An Action is an activity performed on an Instrument:

  • Place order to Buy or Sell
  • Set Price Alerts
  • Set Notifications
  • Add to the Watchlist

The first release of the TOKPIE MVP has limited functionality which includes the following features available now [link]:

1. Quotes [link how it works]

Allows a user to reveal the latest 20 Bids and Asks for cryptocurrencies, and then the user can apply Actions to the specified Instrument.

2. Instruments

Allows a user to reveal and apply Actions to all Instruments currently listed in the platform.

3. Market Screener

The Market Screener functionality enables the User to canvas the market for trading opportunities as follows:

  • Top 10 Movers [link how it works]:

Reveals Instruments whose price has Increased/Decreased most for the specified period and allows the user to apply any Actions.

  • Top 10 Markets [link how it works]:

Detects the most profitable quotes sorted by price in descending order (for Sellers) or ascending order (for Buyers) and allows the user to apply any Actions.

  • Spread A-B Analysis:

Traders with Fiat funds located in different countries/accounts can instantly discover where to buy and resell cryptocurrencies with the highest profit margin.

4. My Watchlist

Allows a user to stay up to date on the latest Bids, Asks, the last matched price, and percentage of change for the specified Instruments.

5. Price Alerts

Allows a user to take advantage of the most favorable conditions for the best trades.

6. Notifications

Allows a user to be notified when any new trade order’s placement or matching occurs in a particular Instrument.

7. Place an Order

Allows a user to test:

  • Order submission page for specifying trade order conditions;
  • Auction principles and matching engine [link how it works] for trading crypto assets in peer-to-peer mode, in non-stop, simultaneous two-sided auctions;
  • Order Book with 10 levels of Market Depth for Bids and Asks;
  • Price charting used to analyze price movements and trends by applying a variety of technical analysis tools.

8. My Orders

Allows a user to manage matched orders by rating counterparty (more functionality to be released soon)

9. Add New Instrument

Allows a user (or start-up) to submit a request to add a new cryptocurrency (or crypto asset), quote currency (fiat or crypto), and/or payment method so that it can be added to TOKPIE listings.

10. Additional Settings:

  • Language setting: Currently only English and Russian languages are available.
  • Setting of Trade Signals’ Recipients
  • Password Setting

TOKPIE are excited to finally release our Alpha version, with lots more functionality being released over the coming weeks and months. Here’s a list of what to expect in the near future:

  • Crypto Funds Deposit/Withdrawal functionality
  • Verification and 2FA Security
  • Edit Profile Details
  • Upgrade path to avail of more functionality

Please sign up to our Telegram channel and Twitter to participate in polls and vote for the most important features for you or share any your ideas (even the crazy ones!) so we can deliver the best platform possible for our users.

If you would like to have your company featured in the Irish Tech News Business Showcase, get in contact with us at [email protected] or on Twitter: @SimonCocking

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