Here at Irish Tech News we love to find out how different companies running ICOs intend to distribute their tokens. Clarity is an important part of this process and so today we spoke with CyClean, the ICO aimed at revolutionizing green energy in transport, about their token structure.

Explain overall how tokens tend to be distributed?

There are some cryptocurrencies that continue to print more tokens or coins, but many cryptocurrencies have a fixed coin or token number that cannot be altered. Then what should you look for when investing in a coin. The total supply? While this may be a factor, I think it is far more important to look at how the tokens are distributed.

Tokens are usually distributed this way. A portion of the tokens are sold during the ICO. Some tokens are reserved for community events, such as airdrops and promotions. The project’s developers hold some tokens, and some are held for business development and expansion reasons. Mineable coins and tokens have a percentage reserved for mining.

So what about CyClean’s tokens?

30% of the tokens are sold to investors during the Pre ICO and Main ICO. This amounts to about 1.2 billion CyClean tokens. We hope to distribute our tokens to people all across the world.

25% of our tokens, or about 1 billion tokens, are reserved for mining. CyClean tokens are mineable, if you haven’t already heard, and they are easily mined by using CyClean’s products.

Another 800 million tokens, or 22.5%, are safely held for platform development and entry into the energy business. Our goal is to see a world of clean energy, and we will use these tokens to fund projects for the energy sector.

12.5%, or 600 million tokens, are distributed to developers and will be used for future airdrops and promotions. Did somebody say airdrops and promotions? I’m sure this is something you wanted to hear!

10% of the tokens, or 400 million tokens, are held by the company. These tokens are for market stability and for any emergencies that may surprise us.

There you have it folks. CyClean’s token distribution. I’ve seen cryptocurrencies where the developers hold 90% of the total supply. I’m not saying this is bad, but it seems like a huge chunk of the pie. CyClean is holding the minimum amount because it wants CyClean’s supporters to benefit from CyClean’s ecosystem, whether it is through airdrops or mining. We want you to join the clean cycle with CyClean. That is all we want.

We hope you can see the value we bring to you and our world. Oh, and CyClean’s ICO is happening soon, so go check out our project now!

Thank you CyClean for your explanation


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