Today is International Selfie Day. ‘Selfies’ officially started in 2004, when a user of Flickr, the platform for sharing pics, used the term for the first time. The trend has exploded in recent years and, today, it’s thought that every person takes an average of 3 selfies a day, each requiring at least 16 minutes from snap to publication, so an hour is spent each day on selfies (Source: FeelUnique).

Today each kind of selfie has its own name and category. Here the alphabet of Selfies, from A to Z.

A as “After Sex-Selfie” (“ASS” as the shortest version): half naked, often taken in bed in affectionate attitudes.

B as “Belfie”, the selfie dedicated to the B side, introduced by Kim Kardashian is now a must to easily raise the number of followers and likes.

I love you guys! #64mil

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Kim Kardashian ©

F as “Footies” – close up of feet often with breathtaking panoramas or extravagant scenarios in the background that give a glimpse of what is going on around. 

H as “Helfie” – the protagonist are the hair, perfect hairdos or beautiful hair flowing in the wind, the only thing that counts is to show them off.

Golden hour before #diorcruise.

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Negin_Mirsaleehi ©

P as “Pelfie” – from “Pets”, this category includes all the selfies shot with the loved puppies: dogs, cats, soft and funny pets that will gain easily plenty of likes.

Meredith is allergic to joy.

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  Taylor Swift  ©

R as “Relfie”, from the word “relationship”. Heidi Klum and Vito Schnabel, just like Jay-Z and Beyoncé, are just the most famous examples of couples who take photos together let their fans go crazy for those shots. Relfies shows the romantic love between two celebrities, with in love gazes in front of wonderful panoramas.

I want his lips ?

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Chiara Ferragni ©

S as “Suglie” from the word “Ugly”. People take pictures of themselves doing funny faces and looking way worse that the usual.

U as “Ussie” from the word “Us”, a group selfie full of people. The most renowned one is for sure the Hoolywood one, taken during the 86the Academy Awards ceremony, when Ellen DeGeneres has shot a photo surrounded by the most famous actors in the world.

 Ellen DeGeneres  ©

W as “Welfie”, from the word “workout” – the unavoidable selfies while you’re training in the open or in the gym. Fundamental to show a fit body and a real passion for fitness. 

Abbi buona cura del tuo corpo, è l’unico posto in cui devi vivere. #runfederun #joga #gym #moodoftheday #heathylife

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This year, there’s something new that will revolutionise snaps for all ‘selfie-addicts’. Forget trite photos with a smartphone – now you can always use the panorama and everyone can be in a group selfie, without having to cramp up. All this can be done with AirSelfie, the flying camera that lets you take aerial selfies and videos from previously unthinkable perspectives.

The smallest and most compact flying camera, developed by two young Italian brothers, can be integrated directly into the cover of the telephone, available for iPhone 6/6 Plus, 7/7 Plus, and Samsung S7 Edge which enables recharging in just a few minutes through an internal battery. For the most avid selfie fans, a Power Bank, giving multiple full recharges, is also available with the same size as the cover and it, too, can hold the device inside so you can always have it with you for any selfie moment.

The AirSelfie uses 4 Brushless micro motors, the smallest and most powerful ever created, and a 5 MPX photo-video camera in an elegant, ultra-light (61 gm) case in anodised aeronautical aluminium in the smallest Italian design of a smartphone (6.7 x 9.4 x 1 cm).

The AirSelfie can be used anytime, anywhere through its simple, intuitive user experience. Just take it from the cover or Power Bank and, once switched on, it connects automatically to your smartphone by Wi-Fi and is immediately ready for take-off. AirSelfie can take flight directly from your hand and can be controlled from the smartphone through an app with three different flight modes.

Any Photos and videos taken with AirSelfie can be published immediately on your social media – all the snaps and films are sent to the smartphone automatically by Wi-Fi and appear on the app straightaway.

The AirSelfie can now be ordered in advance from Amazon, with delivery planned for July 2017, at the price of £270 with cover and £285 with Power Bank, also available separately at £70.



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