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I remember, as a young man, visiting a manufacturing company in Wales which employed hundreds of people, in what would now be described as heavy engineering.

I was visiting in order to get training and become familiar with their products.

I was in my 20s, in a new job as a sales engineer, newly married, a new car and was delighted with myself.

During lunch, in the executive canteen, the Managing Director welcomed me and my colleagues, and told us that there were only two groups of people who were critical to the success of his business – the people who were manufacturing the products on the factory floor, and the people who sold the product.

This was obviously an oversimplification, but as a person new to sales it left me feeling ten feet tall. 

Why am I telling you the story?

Now, as a presentations coach with a particular emphasis on helping people to grow their business, I am constantly reminding people of the critical importance of being able to tell a story that simplifies their message, while enthusing both them and their audience.

To do this, you must demonstrate the ‘Three Es‘ when meeting people; let me explain –

Answer these three questions: 

  • Have you EARNED the right to talk on the topic?
  • Are you EXCITED by the topic?
  • Are you EAGER to share your experience?

Can you honestly say you tick all three boxes? 

It strikes me that when I read this quotation from Phil Mickelson, having enjoyed watching him play on numerous occasions, Phil in his sport of golf exemplifies the ‘Three Es’.

“I love the nervous feeling that you get when you are in contention, I just haven’t felt it that often recently. I was certainly nervous heading into today’s round, the pre-round warmup, all that stuff. That’s all part of it, though. That’s what’s exciting and what’s so fun and that’s what I missed”.

Phil Mickelson – Winner of the WGC – Mexico Championship on Sunday 4th March 2018 commenting on his first win since winning the Open Championship in 2013.

DO you, when speaking to people with the hope of growing your business, embody the ‘Three Es’ – 


If you wish to be on top of your game like Phil, sign up for my upcoming workshop: 

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Prepared and edited by Andrew Carroll, Journalism MA in DIT.

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