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Describe the company – the elevator pitch …

Physical Liquid Software is an Advergaming company. Advergaming being the use of video games as a marketing platform for real-world products and services.  We specialise in producing bespoke advertising apps and games, for mobile devices, to promote well-known brands.

We’ve combined gaming and advertising, on mobile devices, to deliver brand engagement, user data/market research and a rewards system for global brands. Our data engine has been specifically developed to meet the requirements of the global advertising industry (and brand managers) to deepen their understanding of their customer engagement with their brand.

How are you different?

We plan to fill a gap in international advergaming development. Just in the past 12 months large companies and advertising agencies are beginning to put the lion’s share of their marketing budgets into mobile advertising rather that the traditional routes like TV or physical adverts as they have realised that the majority of their target audience now has a digital mobile device on them at all times that can target intelligent and user specific advertisements to individuals. There is also the realisation that most people are spending the majority of their ‘app time’ playing games on their mobile device. In 2013 a study stated that 32% of all user interaction with their mobile device was spent playing mobile games! A study this year (2015) has stated that this figure has grown 52% since then!

Now that the majority of time spent on mobile devices is when users are playing games, advertising agencies and companies want to market their products and services through the medium of mobile games, however ad agencies and multinationals do not have the in-house expertise of a dedicated game development team to capitalise on the potential of mobile advergaming, so therefore this work will have to be outsourced. This is obviously where we come in, there is a severe lack of talented, dedicated advergaming companies internationally. We plan to fill this gap.

Why will the company / product do well?

The mobile gaming market is unquestionably large and growing at an exponential rate, it is estimated to be worth over $40 billion by 2017. (NEWZOO)

The market is large and its mind boggling figures enticing, however barrier to entry is extremely low, anyone in their bedroom with a computer, internet connection and some skill can make apps and games and launch them into the quagmire that is the mobile ‘app’ market places. The vast majority of these games never see the light of day, in the sense that most of them are of poor quality. However many that never become popular are in fact brilliant games they just lack one major thing, marketing.

Most ‘indie’ game makers know nothing about marketing and don’t want to know anything about marketing and certainly don’t have the budget to engage it on any real scale. It is this salient point why most fail. You can create something great but no one knows what it is, where it is or why they should get it. We are trying to deal with this by approaching the whole thing slightly differently.

We want to create the greatest games built with the ground-breaking technology we are developing, but have professionals with massive budgets do the marketing for us. This is where our advergaming model comes in. Our games, while being great games at their core, are fundamentally designed from the ground up to be enjoyable experiences are in fact advertising a product or service to you. We derive the mechanics from the product itself, how it works in real life, how it looks, how it reacts. In short the product becomes the game, the game becomes the product. This does a few unique things, it shows clearly to the consumer how the product is unique, how it works and how it’s far superior to the competition. It also associates the product with fun and enjoyment, the player can be playing with a virtual representation of the product and enjoying themselves so the next time the player sees the product in real life they immediately, psychologically tie it with an enjoyable experience.

We create the game, our partner company markets it for us.

Where are you based, how is the broadband? How long will you stay there?

We are based in NovaUCD, Belfield. It’s a fantastic incubation centre, probably one of the best in the country and we’d like to stay as long as possible. However, all thing’s going well, we may outgrow it later this year or next year.

The broadband is excellent, 100mb fiber I think.

When was the company launched?

The company was incorporated June 2013 and we set up shop here in Nova October 2013.

What have been your biggest wins to date?

One big win was earning our first revenue, we launched our first product recently, a 2D liquid physics engine plugin for the Unity game engine. It allows fluids to be simulated in real time on mobile devices, think angry birds with a water cannon!

It’s been on sale for a total of about 3 months for $75 a license, admittedly the revenue hasn’t been spectacular, in the thousands rather that tens of thousands, but it’s early days yet!

We are also in the midst of securing a deal with one of the largest brands in the world for our first advergaming project. This deal will be a huge win and a complete validation of our business plan.

What type of people (market segment) are you trying to attract to your product?

Our potential customers are every ad agency and large company engaged in advertising on the planet. We will provide a much needed service to these customers in the form of end to end bespoke advergame development.

There are very, very few international development studios specialising in advergaming. All our research and data indicators lead us to believe that mobile advergaming is going to be an exponentially growing market in the coming months and years.

Tell us about your team? 

Physical Liquid Ltd. Is founded and managed by Sam Warner, David Feely and Michael Garland.

David Feely                       Director / CEO

Michael Garland                  Director / CTO

Sam Warner                      Creative Director / business manager

David Feely:             

David Feely is one of the founders of Secondary Containment Solutions (Irl) Ltd, a company that was established to find a cost effective and efficient solution to the secondary containment of oil within the electric generating industry.

With a background in the electrical/technical field he has been involved in starting up, owning and managing businesses in the electrical contracting and the specialist environmental industry where he and his business partner have successfully developed, patented and launched a unique secondary containment system that is now installed throughout Ireland and in the U.K.

More recently, David has embarked on a substantial property development project that will include the re-establishing of a distillery/tourism product in the North West.

Being one of the originators of the concept behind this new project, he continues to collaborate with Sam Warner and Michael Garland identifying spin off opportunities that offer future potential in the ever developing mobile media market. David is also providing the seed capital to get this project up and running.

Sam Warner:

Sam Warner is an experienced quality manager, previously working at secondary Containment Solutions Ltd.

He is an avid gamer and studied Multimedia and computer game design in the University of Limerick. He recently resigned from his quality management position to found Physical Liquid Ltd. and pursue his dream of making games and software for a living. Sam Warner is the Creative Director and business manager at Physical Liquid Software.

Michael Garland:

Michael holds a B.Sc. in Mathematics and Applied Physics with Electronics (Hons) and a M.Sc. in Applied Geophysics.

He was employed as a geophysicist creating software filters to analysis seismic data. His expertise in software let him to a pure software development career. He was employed by IBM for 11 years where he learned the full software development lifecycle. During this time he learnt every aspect of software development. He successfully created and installed numerous enterprise sized systems.

Michael set up his own software consulting business 14 years ago, specialising in enterprise and inter enterprise system integration. He is currently extending this integration to mobile and embedded devices.


What are you long term plans for your product / company?

We want to blur the lines between mobile gaming and advertising. We want to create advergames of such high quality that the player forgets they are being marketed to and the brand metrics of the product in the eyes of the player are heightened in every way.

We believe we are building a company in the right place at the right time, we are targeting an emerging market that will grow exponentially over the coming years. We believe we can grow into an internationally recognised brand in our own right and become the ‘go-to people’ for creating bespoke, high quality mobile advergames.

What are your favourite tech gadgets?

Personally my favourite gadget at the moment is the Oculus rift VR headset, I don’t actually own one as the consumer versions aren’t released yet, but I have had the pleasure of using a developer version for an hour. It’s genuinely an amazing experience and if you get the opportunity to use one, do.

What tech gadgets do you wish you could use to help you?

A currency printer would be nice!

Here is our twitter page:

We also have a support forum, that people can contact us through:

Or just email [email protected]

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