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Maeve Harrington, Director of KnowledgeBase and Anthony Thuillier, Barrister and Content Director of KnowledgeBase presenting to the South Dublin Bar Association

Maeve Harrington, Director of KnowledgeBase and Anthony Thuillier, Barrister and Content Director of KnowledgeBase presenting to the South Dublin Bar Association

Interview with Maeve Harrington, Director of KnowledgeBase
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Describe the company, the elevator pitch …
KnowledgeBase, is a Dublin based eLearning start-up which has launched a new cutting edge interactive online learning resource aimed at providing busy professionals with detailed information on a range of important legal, regulatory and business subjects.KnowledgeBase’s first offering is a comprehensive and interactive guide to the new Companies Act 2014, the largest piece of legislation to be enacted in the history of the state. The entire content of the Act is presented in such a way that it is intuitive and easy to access, with key changes to company law in Ireland clearly explained.

How are you different?

Rather than having to spend time reading through thousands of pages of text books or documents, for the first time, professionals can access content that has been created and reviewed by leading company law experts on an interactive eLearning platform which uses state of the art technology to combine explanatory video tutorials, succinct text and end of module quick quizzes. Crucially, CPD points (Continuing Professional Development) are awarded to users on completion of the eLearning modules.KnowledgeBase is the first interactive online offering of its kind and I believe that KnowledgeBase will change the way professionals reference information and acquire training in relation to the Companies Act.

Why will the company do well?
KnowledgeBase’s state of the art eLearning platform, designed by leading web developers and combined with expertly created content, has resulted in an extremely powerful tool. By developing a solid and robust back end, KnowledgeBase is able to offer an extremely user friendly and intuitive front end experience. KnowledgeBase has been optimised for use across all devices so users can access KnowledgeBase any time in the office and on the go.

Where are you based?

KnowledgeBase’s offices are situated in Dublin 2.

When was the company launched?

KnowledgeBase was launched on 16 March 2015, with its first offering focusing on solicitors, barristers, accountants and company directors who are preparing for the formal introduction of the new Companies Act 2014 which is due to come into force on 1st June 2015.

What have been your biggest wins to date?

It is always challenging when you want to innovate and disrupt a traditional industry.  KnowledgeBase set out to develop a robust and secure platform with a user friendly and interactive interface. We invested significant effort and resources to develop KnowledgeBase within a relatively short time period. The key to this has been the strong core team which combines leadership, project management, content, technology and marketing. Notably, KnowledgeBase is fully funded through to going live and to our first sales. This is a major achievement for any start-up.

During the beta phase of the product development, the feedback and responses we got from our core market meant we have been able to incorporate key enhancements into the design of KnowledgeBase in advance of going live.What type of people (market segment) are you trying to attract to your product?KnowledgeBase is aimed at upskilling busy professionals with accessible and best in class learning resources so that professionals can do what they do best and add maximum value to their organisation.KnowledgeBase’s first offering is targeted specifically at those that require an understanding of company law in Ireland, which includes solicitors and accountants as well as barristers, company secretaries and directors.

Tell us about your team?

My background is in Marketing and Project Management with over 25 years’ experience across a broad spectrum of industries. The technology development is headed up by Mark Stewart of Cloudnine Consulting. Our content director is Anthony Thuillier who is a barrister, lecturer and author of “Company Law in Ireland”.Heading up the KnowledgeBase team is Peter Stewart, who has started a number of businesses in financial and management services and has extensive leadership and director experience including a spell as a director of NAMA.

What are your long term plans for your product / company?2015 is a big year for us and KnowledgeBase’s first offering, the guide to the new Companies Act is just the beginning. Over the course of the next year, our plan is to significantly scale up the business by adding a number of new offerings that are in the development pipeline. Our aim is to build KnowledgeBase’s guide and eLearning platform into the leading online resource for educating busy professionals.

What are your favourite tech gadgets?

My absolute favourite gadgets are my iPhone and MacBook. These are sound investments I have made and I love the way these are devices in the true sense in that content is synchronised so I can access my content at home or out and about on a big screen or small.

Anything else?

I am really proud of the fact that unlike a lot of start-ups, KnowledgeBase is fully funded and has already significant number of subscribers which is an important milestone for any company. Notwithstanding this, as a team we are focused on keeping costs down and maintaining the culture of a lean start-up, with everyone involved in all aspects of the business day in and day out.Each member of the team is aware of each section of the business from the technical side of the offering to the pricing models. I believe this “all hands on deck” approach has allowed us to strike a balance between building the best platform in the market and ensuring we have customers who are willing pay for the product.

What tech gadgets do you wish you could use to help you?

As a director of a tech start-up I am always looking for new ways to be more efficient and organised and I am constantly reviewing what we use and how we do things.

How can people contact you?

I can be contacted at [email protected] or if people want to know more about us and keep up-to-date with our latest developments, they can look up the KnowledgeBase website at

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