What inspired you to write this book?
Meeting Sean Au at 9 Spokes in 2015 and recognising his brilliant mind and insights within five minutes. I know a fast mind when I meet one.

Which are his strengths and which are yours?

Sean is a world class software engineer, teacher, speaker, trainer and he needed a front man at his side to help grow his brand and confidence on writing and social media a place I feel at home. I am a finance guy and marketing guy. Everything for me is about numbers and brand. I am not an engineer. Sean needed a little nudge I gave him this. My strength is working these lists:
No8 Blockchain Fintech 100 People

No11 Crypto 100 Most Influential People

Why did you decide to work with Sean?

Sean needed me and I needed him. We needed each other. We are a good pairing and real friends. Together we can pretty much deliver anything because of our insights and connections to skills worldwide.

As mentioned in our review, confidence is very low at the moment in token related initiatives and ICOs / STOs etc, how do you see Q1 of 2019 and beyond in terms of public confidence and investor activity in these areas?

It’s important markets flush hype and reprice to what investors will pay. Crypto become a bubble market and historically new overhyped markets typically cleanse in 18 to 24 months. The same happened with Dotcom 1998 yet people have forgotten the 90% fall in the share price of Amazon around this time

2019 will be a tough market and 2020 even tougher (thanks to Brexit and elections in the USA) as the market reprices global fiat assets, I expect up to a 50% correction in equities and property values and this will invite and excite investors to consider crypto assets and more importantly Blockchain solutions. The pain will continue to 2022. Markets reprice every 7, 10, 14 and 20 years. Nothing new here, I think there will be four long-wave cycles that will likely intersect around 2020-2022.  I was recently asked to elaborate on my reference to the “real crisis being pushed forward to 2020“.

ORS tell us more about it, especially the random aspect, how does that work?
When you’re online, you need to reframe your mind to be open to what comes at you, cope with the random nature of information flows and messaging and choose to be supportive of everyone around including the trolls and nasties, they are the wasps that fly with The Bees.

Offline is the opposite generally (in business) people are closed to approaches, selective what they share, who they meet and like to be in control of everything (CSC).

Thus online and offline require totally opposite behaviours and thought processes which is why CSC executives struggle so much online

From CSC to ORS June 2009

Blockchain has massive potential, would you agree we are in the valley of disillusion, and if so, for how much longer will it be like this?

The valley of disillusion seems a bit extreme when Consensys has over 1,027 employees.

The market is flushing out Dotcoin assets in a similar way I think, to Dotcom 20 years ago and the winners you can count on two hands three in China and six in America the rest are no more

I predict the same will happen with Blockchain. The winners will be Chinese and American and you will count them on two hands. I do expect Google, Amazon, and/or Microsoft to acquire assets like Consensys. Ethereum reminds me of Android (Unix). Bitcoin reminds me of Netscape.

How much longer will it be like this? The pain will continue to 2022. Mainstream Blockchain and Tokenomics is 2023-2026.

How can people find out more about you & your work?

Messaging me [email protected] or WhatsApp +447875695012 or @thomaspower @Thomas Power (via Twitter)

Anything else you’d like to add / we should have asked?

I would add that in the past two months I have been to Australia, Singapore, Korea and The Phillipines working with Proctor and Gamble, LG and UnionBank of the Phillipines as Head of APAC for ConsenSys Academy. There is lots of excitement and work being done by enterprises and 2019 is looking very busy with other large enterprises in the above countries along with China, Japan and the ASEAN countries as well.

These enterprises are developing talent and knowledge and focusing on the technology to #TokenizeTheWorld. Building real applications, trialing new applications and it is really exciting to see, learn and teach/share. Remember that the main function of ether is as payment for the world’s decentralised computer and not a trading speculative asset (which is actually secondary).

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