On Tuesday the Web as set alight by Mark Zuckerberg saying that Facebook was actually working on a dislike button! The only problem is that he never actually said that, none the less the internet went nuts with all kinds of news outlets picking up the story and running headlines which were not entirely accurate such as this one.

So this news article gets it somewhat right but at the same time very wrong. Facebook is working on a button to allow users to ‘express empathy’ as they realise that not every post or not every event on Facebook is ‘like’ appropriate.

Speaking at the Q&A on Tuesday, Zuckerberg said that he wants to give users different ways to express emotions other than a singular like button but does not want to turn Facebook into, “a forum where people are voting up or down on other people’s posts.”

For full clarity, have a look at what Zuckerberg said at the Q&A himself.

Despite it being pretty clear here that you will not be getting a dislike button, news outlets took off with the story insisting that the masses would soon be getting their wish. However, don’t hold your breath! The good news is that there are new ways coming to express yourself emotionally on Facebook but for some people, the bad news will be that it is not a ‘dislike’ button.

Facebook says that they are getting ready to roll out testing to a small number of users, should those tests be a success then we can expect to see the new button at some point in the near future.

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