By @SimonCocking. Quick chat with David Makogon ahead of his upcoming appearance in Dublin at the Microsoft Decoded Open Source Conference. See more about David on his website here.

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Brief background about you?

I’ve been working with software since the IBM PC was unveiled, and have worked with Azure since its announcement. When I’m not behind a screen, I’m shooting photos, cycling, or spending time with the family (and not necessarily in that order).

I love software construction, and I like to blog about it. I specialize in Microsoft’s Windows Azure cloud computing platform, so that tends to be my most frequent topic. I currently work for Microsoft, and I hold the dubious honor of being the world’s first former Windows Azure MVP.

 See his blog here

What inspired you to speak at this event?

This conference is all about real-world OSS software development and stories based on hands-on experience. These are great learnings to share.

Why it will be helpful for people to attend. What will they get out of your session specifically?

My sessions are data-focused, helping people make decisions on the types of databases they might choose, and how to model their data.

Where can people see / listen / read more about you?

I’m most active on Twitter: @dmakogon, and I also have a cloud computing page at

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