By @SimonCocking interview with Alexandr Surkov IoT Expert, Microsoft MVP, Blockchain developer, CIO (Anvio VR), and now an advisor for Quasa.

1 min pitch for what you are doing now?

As I say, now I am IoT Expert (I have some projects which I consult and a lot of presentations on different conferences) and Head of technical part of ICO process in VR company. Anvio VR is designed to provide complete freedom of movement for the player. In our virtual worlds you can run, jump, wave and much more, all together with your friends. Our large play area and fully wireless system mean you don’t have to worry about tethers or running out of space, creating an incredible level of immersion. Erasing the line between the physical and virtual worlds, we aim to bring you an experience unlike any other.

Why did you get involved with Quasa’s ICO ?

It is very interesting to build big IoT system for logistics.

Why do you think it is such a powerful idea?

It is a good chance to connect Blockchain, IoT and Logistics in one project.

Why do you decide to team up with Quasa?

They have good experience in Logistics, very skilled IT team and “right”, as I think, direction in their mind.

Tell us a little more, why will this idea do well – how is it different?

As you read in WP – Logistics market is very informal and difficult to understand. I have some experience with this market – it was terrible. And I think blockchain can really formalize this market and make it more open and clear as it provides clear and safe data storage for the untrusted environment. And IoT can add more control to transportation process. You can use a lot of sensors to control temperature, vibration, location (and so on) of your cargo.

How can people contact you? 

You can find me on Facebook LinkedIn
Telegram at @AOSurkov
and here  on my Microsoft MVP profile:

Business Showcase : QUASA

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