When and where is it on?

A major tech and biotech recruiting event hosted by Career Zoo is taking place in Sligo on October 12 called ‘Tech on the Wild Atlantic Way’. The aim is to connect employers with world-class tech talent who are interested in working and living in the West, North West and Midlands. Over 500 experienced tech and biotech candidates are expected to join the ‘Tech on the Wild Atlantic Way’ event at The Model, Sligo, on October 12, with a ‘Tech Train’ bringing interested job candidates to Sligo from Dublin.

What was the inspiration to start it?

Tech and biotech workers are increasingly finding themselves priced out of the housing market in Dublin and the east coast, with soaring rents and house prices gobbling up their disposable income and contributing to a poorer quality of life. Towns outside of Dublin have enjoyed a string of new high-end jobs announcements in recent months. Tech and biotech professionals are drawn to the cheaper cost of living along the Atlantic coast and in the Midlands and a fast-growing tech scene.

With more people seeking a better work/life balance, employers are looking at new, more attractive options to make direct, high-value hires and access new talent pools.

What exciting things can people look forward to?

The event is supported by employers from across the West, North West and Midlands including Abbvie, Abbott, Donegal-based Pramerica, Galway-based Boston Scientific, Sligo-based US technology firm Overstock, Athlone-based pharma company PPD as well as IDA Ireland which has held a number of recent successful Tech/Life Balance events. Newstalk Tech Correspondent Jess Kelly will MC proceedings.

What opportunities are on offer for those attending?

Candidates will be able to get face-to-face briefings from employers on a string of vacancies across a range of roles including Back-End, Front-end, Biotech, Medtech, Fintech, IoT, Data, Cyber, AI, DevOps, VR & AR. For example, Lucia Macari of US technology company Overstock, says the firm has a number of tech vacancies at its European base in Sligo. Lucia says: “Outside of Dublin, there are many fantastic high-tech job opportunities with great companies and an unbeatable quality of life. At Overstock in Sligo we have a diverse range of open positions including Machine Learning, Blockchain and full stack roles.” There will also be networking opportunities for candidates and talks on the day.

Why should people consider attending ‘Tech on the Wild Atlantic Way’?

Now is the time to act. There can be no doubt that the tech and data scene in the West, North West and Midlands is growing quickly with employers seeking the very best talent available. Sligo, where the ‘Tech on the Wild Atlantic Way’ event will take place, is a great example of this trend. The event offers an incredible opportunity for an employer to grow their teams and gain access to an invaluable pipeline of tech candidates attracted to living and working in these vibrant regions.

What can I do/research before the event?

Yes, check out the cost of living and pick a place to live! As well as the chance to engage with employers at the event, candidates can get a feel for what it is like to live further west. Just check out the cost of living in the West, North West and Midlands: as well as landing salaries that can compare with Dublin, candidates can also look forward to a drastic reduction in household spending: average rents in Sligo, for example, are €794 per month* compared to an average of just over €1,500 a month in Dublin – and often much higher. In the Midlands, an average three-bed semi in Athlone costs €185,000 compared to €440,000 in Dublin.

Who else is going?

IDA Ireland are also supporting the event. John Nugent, IDA Regional Business Development Manager Border Region, says rewarding careers in great companies with lower living costs, shorter commutes and a better work life balance are attracting people to places like Sligo, Letterkenny and Athlone. He adds: “We are delighted to support this event which builds on our own highly successful Tech Life Balance events in the summer as it will shine a light on the opportunities here in the North West region for the talent pool locally, nationally and internationally. The event and the talent pipeline it will identify will in turn help to attract other new name investments to all regions outside Dublin.”

How can people book tickets / when does it usually sell out?

You can register to attend at https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/career-zoo-sligo-tickets-50075892342

How many years has it been going?

This is the first-ever ‘Tech in the Wild Atlantic Way’ event in Sligo but Career Zoo has been running recruitment networking events for experienced STEM professionals since 2010.  Career Zoo is also hosting an event in The CHQ Building & The Dogpatch Labs on the 29th of September which is sponsored by Huawei, Amazon, EY, Pramerica, Grifols and Irishjobs.ie.


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