By @SimonCocking, review of the WEALTHTECH Book: The FinTech Handbook for Investors, Entrepreneurs and Finance Visionaries. Available from Amazon here

Get a handle on disruption, innovation and opportunity in investment technology

The digital evolution is enabling the creation of sophisticated software solutions that make money management more accessible, affordable and eponymous. Full automation is attractive to investors at an early stage of wealth accumulation, but hybrid models are of interest to investors who control larger amounts of wealth, particularly those who have enough wealth to be able to efficiently diversify their holdings. Investors can now outperform their benchmarks more easily using the latest tech tools.

The WEALTHTECH Book is an invaluable source of information for entrepreneurs, innovators, investors, insurers, analysts and consultants working in or interested in investing in this space.

•    Explains how the wealth management sector is being affected by competition from low-cost robo-advisors

•    Explores technology and start-up company disruption and how to delight customers while managing their assets

•    Explains how to achieve better returns using the latest fintech innovation

•    Includes inspirational success stories and new business models

•    Details overall market dynamics

This is the third book in the series, after the general Fintech one last year, and the Insurtech one which we also recently reviewed. Around two years ago it felt like the term ‘Fintech’ was already becoming slightly meaningless. The movement of the series editors into more specific areas is a logical and smart move. Whereas the Fintech Book last year felt a little too much like everything for everyone, the Insurtech and now the Wealthtech books make for a better, more consolidated read. This time around the chapters are strongly aligned around various relevant and important themes in the industry. This makes for a much more cohesive and insightful read this time around. Chapter 6, the founders stories is a smart area to cover, and similarly it is great to see a whole chapter dedicated to blockchain too (a theme for one of next year’s books perhaps?). Of the three books to date in many ways this is possibly the most cohesive as a useful place to get ideas, inspiration and insights into what is happening in the industry, and what to expect coming down the line in the near future.

Overall it’s a great idea to crowdsource the content, via a rigorous vetting procedure, and we look forward to seeing what they produce next.

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