Guest Post from Caroline Grant – VP Human Resources at Fenergo

Ireland is experiencing a shortage of tech talent, and this will continue to be the case in 2019. Part of this can be traced back to the education system as there are still not enough children in primary and secondary schools taking STEM related classes. When the Government announced a 70 percent increase in capital spending on schools over the next decade, with €420m to be invested in new subjects such as
Computer Science, it was welcome news, especially for technology companies in Ireland which require a healthy pipeline of talent.

2019 will pose great challenges when it comes to attracting and retaining talent in Ireland. To begin with, Brexit will have a huge impact on talent. Many global companies will be relocating their headquarters to Dublin, reducing the available talent pool even more —. When you couple this with a growing rental crisis, due to a shortage of inventory, and a deficient infrastructure in some of our Irish cities, this will make the bidding war for talent tougher.

To foster an environment to attract the best people, we expect to see technology companies in Ireland pulling out all the stops to differentiate themselves whilst also focusing on retention of existing employees. We predict that in order to be successful in 2019, companies will need to adopt many of the following best practices to help attract and retain talent.

Flexibility – Companies will need to offer competitive benefits and be supportive of modern working practices and lifestyles including providing a flexible working environment and opportunities to work internationally where possible. At Fenergo, we have the technology and practices to allow flexible working and the company’s expanding global footprint provides openings to work in a variety of locations from Paris to Tokyo.

Be creative about careers – Organisations will be seeking out ways to foster creative working environments where career paths are nurtured through bespoke training and development. Fenerg offers an extensive onboarding process flying in employees from all over the world to our Dublin headquarters to avail our technical and functional training and experience the Fenergo culture. We invest in tailored leadership development for new and experienced leaders and will launch an accelerated learning programme for Subject Matter Experts in January 2019. In addition, the company provides access to career mentoring and supports self-learning groups who are encouraged to own their career development.

Ongoing training – Apprenticeship schemes, as well as internships and school programmes will gain momentum as employers look to attract school leavers and career changers, training them up alongside graduates. Companies will need to provide solid learning and development so that employees are equipped to grow their career organically as they are encouraged to move into different areas of the

Well Being – Companies will be initiating programmes that fall outside the traditional boundaries of career and work. Marc Murphy, our CEO, is a big proponent of wellness and has spearheaded employee initiatives that promote physical and mental health including personal training, pilates and spinning
classes, parenting courses and as well as hosting a series of inspirational speakers. At Fenergo we want to ensure that people are nurtured both personally and professionally.

Despite a growing regional talent shortage, we are proud of our successes in attracting and retaining employees in the ever competing Irish fintech space. We have adopted practices that have helped grow our organisation from 60 to over 600 employees in the span of five years and also have a high number of female developers within the firm. By employing the aforementioned practices, we predict that organisations in Ireland can help attract and then crucially retain the region’s best talent.

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