Traditionally, as the temperatures drop the heating bill rises – as do relationship tensions. Now finally the age-old argument between men and women over having the heating on is set to be solved. Research has revealed the perfect temperature to keep everyone happy is 22 degrees Celsius.

The 22 degrees may seem a little excessive to men who prefer a cooler house temperature, but they would be wise to consider women are up to nine times more likely to suffer from cold hands and feet than them. In fact, recent studies have found that the women actually feel changes in temperature and the seasonal chill more than men, but stubborn men may be none the wiser. Now the true extent of our tug of war is revealed.

New research shows more than half of us (55%) admit to arguing over the temperature at home, with the level of the thermostat believed to be one of the biggest sources of domestic tiffs. Calculated from a mean average of the ideal temperature from a sample of both men and women, the findings show that 22 degrees is indeed the optimum temperature to keep both men and women happy. When it comes to staying snug at home, it seems there is little room for compromise, with 35% of those surveyed stating that they never agree with their spouse or partner when it comes to having the heating on.

Commenting on the findings of the research, Eamon Conway Managing Director of smart heating company climote said: “We hear time and again that spouses argue about the temperature, more often than not that women want it warm and men want it colder. Technology like climote enables users to have real flexibility over the temperature of the house, but if all else fails then an even 22 degrees ought to do the trick!

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