It’s that time of year again and the #RaboTweeties wants to celebrate the best people and organisations on Twitter. Aimed at recognising the people, celebrities, businesses and specialists who use Twitter in meaningful and creative ways, voting is now open to anyone with a Twitter account.

Details about how you vote and about how you buy tickets for the event which takes place at The Sugar Club in Dublin on November 26 can be found by visiting this link:

Some ‘sta-twitstics’:

  • The #RaboTweeties will be held at The Sugar Club in Dublin on November 26.
  • The host will be Colm O’Reagan – @IrishMammies. Colm has over 147,000 Twitter followers and uses Twitter to great effect.
  • Everyone on Twitter can vote.
  • The Irish person on Twitter with the most followers is Niall Horan – @NiallOfficial – with 20.1 million followers. He, himself, follows just over 5,000 people.
  • The biggest Irish sporting legend on Twitter remains Brian O’Driscoll – @BrianODriscoll – with 500k followers.
  • Amy Huberman received the most public votes for last year’s #RaboTweeties awards. @amyhuberman has over 177k followers.
  • Worldwide, it took 3 years, 2 months and 1 day to reach the first billionth Tweet. There are now over one billion new tweets every two days.
  • People living in Ireland tweet over one million times per day.
  • Globally, Ireland has the 10th highest number of Twitter users per capita behind the US, UK, Australia, Brazil, Canada, India, France, Indonesia and Iran.
  • Over 800,000 people in Ireland have active Twitter accounts and over 600,000 of these are daily users of Twitter.

In total, there are 20 categories open for you to nominate someone in. One of those categories is of course ‘Technology’. Just for an example (obviously!) should you wish to vote for Irish Tech News in this category, you will need to tweet the following:

#RaboTweeties @Irish_TechNews #TweetieTech

Go on, give it a try. It will make our day 😉

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