Considering Android is sold on so many different devices at varying price points, it’s no surprise that there is a big difference in the average price between devices running either OS. While Apple has held firm pricing the iPhone at a premium price point, they have introduced the slightly lower price 5C which may account for some of the drop in average selling price since 2010.

Even with that lower price though, Android continues to be cheaper and the gap is widening. The difference now stands at $374. Google have tried to drive the price of Android devices down with the Nexus range and again when they were in charge of Motorola with both the Moto X and Moto G being priced very aggressively in their respective segments.

While the tactic has led to Android growing its market share to over 80%, the majority of profit in the smartphone market is made by Apple and as a consequence of the lower selling price, many Android device manufacturers are now struggling.

Infographic: The Price Gap Between iOS and Android Is Widening | Statista

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