The power of quantum technology in 2018: how does this develop nowadays

Quantum technology is a new field in physics, derived from quantum physics and, especially, quantum mechanics and it transposes their principles into every day use applications such as quantum computers, quantum cryptography or quantum imaging. Ever since the study of quantum technology has been taking very seriously across the globe, a lot of new technologies and applications were developed to make our lives easier, faster and more secure.

Quantum Technology Still Needs to be Promoted

In the UK, the National Physical Laboratory is taking big steps regarding raising awareness and promoting the need for a strong quantum technology program. For that, they want to team up with entrepreneurs and business leaders from UK and the rest of the world in order to encourage them to invest in the development of this technology that will help everyone. It is predicted that quantum technology could actually become a billion-dollar industry for the United Kingdom in a few years.

Applications of Quantum Technology

As mentioned earlier, quantum technology already brought some important advances in technology such as the flash memory on mobile devices, superconductors for the medical machines in hospitals such as MRI machines or even the barcode readers that we are so dependent of today. But that’s just scratching the surface when it comes to the true potential of Quantum Technology.


Quantum states have proven to be very sensitive to external effects such as magnetic, electric or gravitational fields or for movement such as acceleration, rotation and time. This makes quantum technology the perfect choice when building sensors and other sensing technology. Not only that quantum technology can make these devices a lot more accurate, but thanks to it they might actually become cheaper, portable and a lot easier to use.



Quantum technology is already being used in communications, however, it could really improve the current cryptography systems that are being used world-wide and there are signs to show that the quantum key distribution, or QKD as it is abbreviated, could be the next best thing in communications. This method will use entangled light for transmitting information in a manner that will let the user know if there are any attempts of interception.


Quantum computers are capable of calculating algorithms faster that the classical binary data computer we have available today so that makes it perfect for a lot of uses. IT is expected that a quantum computer will be used in machine learning and optimization due to its advantages regarding speed of processing and the ability to carry out Shor’s algorithm.

How Important is Quantum Technology to the UK?

Very important. Since it has the capacity to improve and change every field that surrounds us, from imaging, computing, sensors and AI, it is vital that the UK gets a head start in quantum technologies and keep up with other countries such as China that has recently become the number one power when it comes to science and development.

But even though it is very important and there seems to be a great interest for quantum technology in the UK, mastering and building systems with it is quite a tricky task as it can be difficult for consumers to comprehend. The safest bet around quantum technology is that time will tell exactly how well the investors and population will respond to it.


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