The availability of professional job opportunities in Q1 of 2016 remained almost constant with the same period last year, decreasing by less than 1% (36,925) when compared with the same period in 2015 (37,171), according to the Morgan McKinley Irish Employment Monitor.

The number of professionals seeking new roles rose by 4% this quarter (24,084) compared to the same period in 2015 (23,140). 

Morgan McKinley Ireland, Chief Operations Officer, Karen O’Flaherty commented:

 “Generally, quarter one of 2016 has been positive in terms of hiring confidence and this is in line with the CSO figures for March that indicate unemployment rates have fallen to an 8 year low.

However, external factors that include slow Euro zone growth, global market uncertainty and Brexit are creating a level of apprehension. This is most clearly reflected in the Funds and Banking sector where recruitment is static again this month. 

The sectors that remain robust and isolated from this uncertainty include Engineering and Supply Chain. The shortage of engineering talent in 2015 has reduced due to the return of professionals mainly from Australia and Canada. We predict the Food Industry will deliver significant growth in quarter two.

The Information Technology sector continues to be a highly competitive and aggressive jobs market, with talent shortages driving salary inflation. If these shortages continue, the ability to attract inward investment at 2015 levels will be impacted.

In summary, the professional jobs market has been characterised by consistency this quarter rather than growth. Global uncertainty and political instability are however a cause for concern”.

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