HTC have launched their new flagship phone the 5.2 inch HTC 10, and having used the phone I can say it’s the best Android phone available. They have improved on what used to be their main selling point, namely audio as well as having one of the best camera phones on the market and they have fixed a problem that plagues the majority of Android phones. They have also added a fingerprint scanner which makes the phone more secure and the screen display is cinema grade with 64 pixels per inch offering a full-HD resolution.

HTC have improved their BoomSound speakers and they have been re-engineered. The new dual speakers have incorporated a tweeter in the top speaker and a woofer in the bottom speaker along with a dedicated amplifier for each speaker. It’s also one of the few phones with certified Hi-Res audio which works great with the headphones that you get with the phone.

The phone has a 12 megapixels rear facing camera and a 5 megapixels front facing with an f1.8 lens and faster and smoother autofocus. It is also the first phone to offer optical stabilisation on its front and rear cameras, and for those of us who like to record videos 4K video recording with 24-bit hi-res audio recording is a nice addition.

Battery life has improved thanks to a 3,000mAh battery and HTC state that an average user will get at least two days use of the phone before it has to be recharged. There is also a fast charge called Quick 3.0, that allows you to charge the phone to 50% in thirty minutes and a fast charger is included with the phone.

HTC are shipping the phone with 32GB of memory and unlike most competing Android phones there is an SD card slot just in case you run out of memory.

HTC have the latest Android OS, v6.0.1 (Marshmallow) on the phone, and they
have also done a deal with Google giving users a version of Android that is very close to stock Android. This means that if you buy the phone through a carrier, updates won’t take as long to get to your phone. One of the main problems that plague Android phones is bloatware which HTC has removed and this stops certain conflicts that may occur between various apps. The UI has also been redesigned so that is simpler and easier to use.

The HTC 10 will be available this May exclusively with 3 Ireland for six weeks or it can be bought sim-free directly from HTC for €699.

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