I haven’t been running since I left school. Exercise is generally foreign. I won’t say the new Method Wireless earphones from Skullcandy changed that but for anyone that is into their workouts you’d be hard pressed to find a better pair of sports earphones.

Skullcandy was founded in 2003 by Rick Alden and were one of the first companies to market successful wireless earphones with their patented LINK technology. Their products are aimed at the skate and snowboarding market as well as general consumers.

When I got home close to death from my first run in roughly five years I was taken aback by how well the Methods had stayed in position. Before any earphones I used – usually wired – were constantly having to be put back in or tugged on in order to make sure I could hear the music I was listening to. It’s distracting when you’re on something as basic as a run but could be dangerous when lifting weights or using a machine in the gym.

Thankfully the flexible but snug collar prevents any kind of extreme wire movement while moving at speed. Thin grooves in the collar allow the wires for the earbuds to be easily stored. The bendable plastic of the collar also allows for easy storage in a pocket or bag. The foam earbuds are comfortable and sat well in my ear for the extended amount of time I often had them in for.

In terms of sound quality the Methods do the job. The earbuds block noise quite well and sound quality often increases with volume making the Methods better suited for the likes of heavy metal, hard rock, grunge, dance music or more upbeat rap. Perfect workout music in other words. Still these earphones also allow for more mainstream music. Once it’s played loud it sounds good which may not suit those into Beethoven as well as those into Metallica.

The one true downside to the Method Wireless earphones is their relatively short battery life. At up to 9 hours the Methods must often be charged on a day-to-day basis making them unsuitable for long-haul journeys or all day listening. Still at their current price of €59.99 you’d be hard pressed to find better earphones to soundtrack your workout with.

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